Jaana Kormašov

Before my hands touch clay, I like to look into the sky, and towards the forest. That’s where my energy comes from.
The material has to be rough and robust – this is how I get things right.

I wear black, but my soul is awash with colour. There’s the blue of seas, the gold of warm sand, the purple of love. I express my temper both in life and art.
While studying ceramics at the Tallinn Art Institute in the early 1990-s, I worked at the university library. There, I plunged into the history of the Vikings, Native Americans, pagan beliefs and folk heritage. To this day, my ceramic vessels bear birthmarks from that world: overturned boats, Celtic crosses, gateways – I believe my creations to protect their owners from evil.
My career includes a period spent as a freelancer, as well as years of teaching at the university. I’ve conducted courses for ceramics, held exhibitions both solo and in collaboration with friends. My works can be found in museums and private collections – some have even travelled as far as the Caribbean cruise ships.
I have made flatfish for Hiiu islanders, ladybugs for bug lovers, not to mention dishes, vases and amphorae. There aren’t many things one cannot make from clay. And one thing is certain – I cannot live without clay!