Sofi Aršas

For me, the most exciting part of the creative process is the development of ideas. When I imagine the end result, I feel like it is already finished – all I need is to reach out and pick up the completed installation or light object.

In fact, this is only the beginning of the long, complicated and exciting process. My main medium for materializing my dreams is glass: all the different kiln techniques, coldworking, painting, photo printing, video, lights, editing etc. To convey my message, I like to construct and combine installations; to experiment and find new solutions.

My artworks address the topics of danger and safety – both on a personal and global level. In recent works, I’ve also been interested in the experience of space – various rooms, the objects, and the relationships found within them.

I have created commissioned stained glass works for both private and public spaces. I also like to make decorative objects, awards and gifts.