Clay makes you happy!

If you’d like to hold a creative birthday party, surprise your friends with a gift, or reunite old colleagues, why not spend some hours getting to know ceramics?
In my cosy studio, one can get one’s hands on clay, and more! Together, we’ll discover the secrets of the trade, and you’ll go home with your own creations! I offer a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, amiable company and joyful atmosphere!

Awaiting you –

Glass art courses

Fusing for beginners

Monday & Wednesday 16.30-18.30

Glass art – continued

TuesdaY & Friday 17.30-20.30

You can pick –
1. Pay per lesson – 25 eur
2. Four lessons, once a week – 85 eur
3. Twice a week, four weeks – 155 eur